This five-day, hands-on workshop is designed to introduce the student:
• To the ControlLogix family of Allen-Bradley programmable automation controllers
• To the RSLogix5000 software used to program and troubleshoot the PAC.
Five Day ControlLogix Training Class
Introduction to ControlLogix Using RSLogix5000 – Five Days of Training for $2495.00
$2495.00 per student for the 5 day ControlLogix class
We use a boot camp style of training which utilizes hand-on labs to keep the students engaged.
The following information will be presented through hands-on exercises and discussions:

• Introduction to Logix hardware components system
• Logix Module operations
• RSLogix™ 5000 Communications with RSLinx™
• Scanning the Program & Energizing Outputs
• RSLogix Relay-type Instructions
• Introduction to RSLogix5000 Program Software
• ControlLogix Trainer Familiarization
• Hands-on Exercises using RSLogix5000 
• RSLogix™ 5000 Tasks, Programs and Routines
• Internal Relays & Memory Usage
• Timer/Counter Instructions using RSLogix5000
• System, Advanced, and Add-On Instructions
• Registers and Register-type Instructions
• Math Instructions using RSLogix5000
• Comparison Instructions using RSLogix5000
• Analog input and output Signals
• Documentation with address and rung comments
• Downloading and uploading PAC programs
• Troublesooting techniques
• Introduction to HMIs using VisualView Software
For more information, or to register, just contact us at:
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